About Texas Prince Hall University (TPHU)

Course Overview

In this course the student will be examining the foundation of Ancient Craft masonry. This course is not designed for the Entered Apprentice Mason, but as an overview for Master Masons with emphasis on basic Masonic teachings.

 Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, the student shall be able to satisfy the following expectations:

  • Create an environment to develop an understanding of the Constitution of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas, and Texas Masonic history
    • Develop a better understanding of Ancient Craft Masonry
    • Assess the importance of supplied information and apply it to everyday life
    • Identify ways to improve the Grand Lodge and local Lodges of Texas (PHA) 
    • Acquire knowledge to take back to the local lodges and develop a study program
    • Distinguish between an effective and efficient Masonic educational system and one that is ineffective and inefficient
    • Create an Integration and Reflection paper which includes an after action review of the course to make suggestions to improve the program and make it more effective

Course Grading Requirements and Percentages

Student(s) are required to complete a six week course. Students must obtain an overall grade of a “C” or 70 to complete the course.

There will be:

Session Long Project

The purpose of the Session Long Projects is to test the student’s research ability. It consists of an integrative project emphasizing the personalized application of each module’s concepts from the course. Students are required to engage in an original integrative project reflecting their comprehensive knowledge and ability to apply the course materials. The student will be asked to distinguish pertinent from peripheral facts, to identify central alternatives among a selected area or topic. The method provides an opportunity to sharpen problem-solving skills and to improve the student’s ability to think and reason rigorously. Note at times the student’s response may require a small amount of research, synthesis of information and critical thought. There will be two Session Long Projects for each course.

The session long project is a paper written on a Word document and attached to this site.  This will be turned in to me only so do not hit reply all when sending it back. Again, it will be turned in to this email and NOT the Face book group.  Your paper must be in by 2100 hours (9PM) on the due date to get full credit.  The paper will be graded according to creativity.

Threaded Discussions

The threaded discussions will afford the students opportunities for synchronous as well as asynchronous lecture/discussions. It will provide a forum for intellectually engaging other students in critical analysis and discussion of modular topics, as directed and moderated by the instructor. The minimum interaction expected of the student is to respond to the weekly question with a post of at least 100 but not more than 200 words. Students are expected to read through responses of peers/classmates and post responses addressing two or more of their shared ideas. They may agree or disagree respectfully but must justify why. These posts will not be attacks but tactful and tasteful. Disagreements must be constructive and not destructive. Avoid using names or current positions when using personal situations as examples, consideration of others is a must.


Students will be evaluated on the quality and comprehensiveness of all written assignments submitted in the session long projects, tests, and participation in weekly threaded discussions. All projects will be open book and notes. The student will be required to pass with a minimum overall score of 70. There will be a midterm and a final test worth 60% of the overall grade; a Course Length Project worth 30%; and a threaded discussion weekly worth 10%. Any grade below 70 will be required to repeat the course before advancing to the next class or level.

Academic Integrity

Texas Prince Hall University (TPHU) regards academic integrity as vital to the success to this program.  Students are not allowed to work in teams on the exams as effective learning occurs when students conduct their own research and are the sole authors of their work. The assessment of that learning is undermined when the originality of students’ work is questionable. Students may; however, work together on the session long projects and the threads. We therefore expect students to adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity in all their work.